The Worlds Best Snorkeling - Phi Phi Islands

With magnificent coral just below the surface and a vast number of colored fish reflecting the sunlight, one only needs to float on top of the water with a mask and snorkel to enjoy Phi Phi Islands' stunning beauty. Just south of Thailand's Phuket, this small group of islands has firmly established itself as one of the world's foremost snorkeling holiday spots.

"To the uninitiated, Phi Phi's snorkeling is like being on a fantasy planet. Even the experienced agree - it's good. Really good. With one of the world's most abundant coral reef systems, the locations and sights are both plentiful and astounding (Phiphi.phuket.com)."

Been there, done that?
Does Phi Phi Islands have the worlds best snorkeling?
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Flickr photo credit: Snorkeling Lo Sama Bay originally uploaded by René Ehrhardt

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  1. I snorkeled in the Phi Phi island lagune ( from the movie "The Beach") in 2001. It was very magical, and had a rich fish life.
    I highly recomended it! =)