The Worlds Best Snowboarding - Aspen

Aspen ski resort is located in the American state of Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. Only ten miles from Aspen is Snowmass Village, which adds furhter to this great snowboarding destination.

"Aspen, Colorado was the last ski resort in Colorado to open its slopes to snowboarders, but now it’s one of Colorado’s favorite snowboarding destinations. The resort works hard to make sure that snowboarders are comfortable on the slopes, and have created fantastic and well-groomed parks and pipes with snowboarders in mind. There are schools for beginning snowboarders and lots of great jumps for more advanced boarders. Snowmass is widely considered one of the best places to carve up the mountain with your snowboard in Colorado." (Aspen2go.com)

Been there, done that?
Does Aspen have the worlds best snowboarding?
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Flickr photo credit: P1010001 Originally uploaded by clarque

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