The Worlds Best Beaches - Fernando de Noronha

354 km off the eastern tip of Brazil is the volcanic archipelago of Fernando de Noronha. In addition to the main island which bears the same name, there are 20 smaller islands all famed for their beautiful scenery and great snorkelling and scuba diving. But the main attraction at Fernando de Noronha, according to Brazilbeaches.org, is of course its spectacular beaches.

"Besides Fernando de Noronha itself you can find other 20 islands and you can divide the beaches in two groups: the ones pointing Brazil (10 beaches and a Dolphin Bay) and the ones pointing Africa (4 beaches, lot of swimming pools and one creek)." All beaches have their own charm, but the most famous one is perhaps Praia do Sancho on the north shore (pictured).

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Flickr photo credit: fernando de noronha - pe originally uploaded by roney

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