The Worlds Best Beaches - South Beach

South Beach is the most popular part of Miami Beach in Florida. In addition to the beautiful surf and sand, the area is known for its extravagant shopping, dining and partying and has become one of the hottest places for Americans and tourists alike to see and be seen. This coastal magnet for hedonists around the world has been hopping for years as the local web site puts it (Visitsouthbeachonline.com).

"Fashion shoots, TV and movie filmings, big-time parties and a general atmosphere of buoyant, beach time fun have characterized South Beach for decades - ever since the birth of t-shirt / blazer combos and rollerblading. Things have modernized a bit, of course, but there’s still an otherworldly feel to this destination; it’s as if there are cameras constantly rolling and everyone is ready to attract attention and impress their fellow revelers."

Been there, done that?
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Flickr photo credit: South Beach originally uploaded by heather0714

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