The Worlds Best Theme Parks - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach (or Pleasure Beach, Blackpool as it is now called) is, in fact, the most visited tourist attraction in all of the United Kingdom. Beautifully situated on the South Shore of Blackpool, England, it has been one of Europe's favorite "American Style Amusement Parks" for more than a century.

With over 125 rides and attractions as well as spectacular shows, including the glamorous and exotic show Forbidden, there's something for everyone at Pleasure Beach boasts the park's website - Blackpoolpleasurebeach.com. In addition to the brand new white-knuckle wave, Infusion and thrilling rides such as The Big Dipper, Grand National and the Avalanche, the park also has more leisurely activities like cruises around the River Caves and Alice's Wonderland.

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Flickr photo credit: The Big One and Infusion originally uploaded by johnthescone

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