The Worlds Best Parties - Berlin

Berlin has always been hot on the European club scene, and many of the city's night spots received world-wide fame as the techno genre developed here in the 80s and 90s. Berlin is also renowned for its street parties, such as the Berlin Love Parade. According to Berlin-life.com, there's no place in the world that can compete with Berlin when it comes to the sheer diversity of it's nightlife;

"Berlin is arguably the hippest city in the world, which means you can find everything from pubs housed in derelict ruins to funky beach bars (albeit by the Spree side and not the seaside). It is also knocking on Amsterdam's door for the title of most liberal city in Europe and so as well as the standard rock, alternative and techno clubs you'll also find all kinds of naughty fetish and sex clubs to indulge those pent-up fantasies!"

Been there, done that?
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