The Worlds Best Snorkeling - Ningaloo Reef

Just off the coast of Western Australia, near a small town called Exmouth, is the beautiful Ningaloo Reef. Although smaller and less famous than The Great Barrier Reef on the opposite coast, Ningaloo is no less spectacular, and its closeness to the shore makes it particularly attractive for snorkelers. Ningaloo Reef is also one of the best places in the world to snorkel with whales, whale sharks and manta rays.

"Ningaloo Reef comprises 200 species of hard corals and 50 species of soft corals with over 520 species of fish. The reefs close proximity to the shoreline means it is easily accessible, being a diver's and snorkeller's paradise. The Ningaloo Reef is famous for Whale Sharks, Mantarays, Humpback whales, Dugongs, Turtles, Potato Cod and hundreds of other different fish species." (Kalbarri.com)

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Flickr photo credit: IMG_1794_dark originally uploaded by dj7

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