The Worlds Best Snowboarding - Hemsedal

Hemsedal is the most popular snowboarding destination in Norway with a great selection of both off-piste and groomed runs. The terrain park has also become excellent in recent years and some of the worlds best snowboarders practice here regularly. In fact, world record jumps of about 60 meters were made here recently. The after-ski scene in Hemsedal is probably the best in Northern Europe.

Hemsedal has a long season from early November until May, and to accommodate the fact that it gets dark quite early this far north, a total of 9 slopes are equipped with flood lights for night-riding (Hemsedal.com). Branded as the Scandinavian Alps, Hemsedal offers some of the highest quality snowboarding in the world.

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Flickr photo credit: Foss ned fra Kvtingatn originally uploaded by kalabalaru

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