The Worlds Best Surf - Mundaka

Mundaka on the Biscay coast of Spain is internationally renowned for its surfing scene. Mundaka is considered one of the best lefts in the world, breaking over sand banks formed at the end of the Mundaka River. According to Mundakasurfshop.com, waves can be ridden up to almost 400 meters on a good day.

"Surfing Mundaka is basically a winter sport when climatic conditions in the Atlantic produce powerful and big waves up to 5 mts although for optimum rides the best waves are around 2-2´5 mts." It is not surprising that Mundaka is chosen by professional surfers to be among the 12 events on the Billabong Pro circuit.

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Flickr photo credit: P1000778 originally uploaded by loewensprung

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  1. You're right. Many times I've been there and it's like you said. Bilbao is I nice place to live after all. You've got beach and surf in one hand and modern city and good professional careers in the other. Great post!.