The Worlds Best Beaches - Matira Beach

French Polynesia is peppered with stunning islands and gorgeous beaches, and one of the most popular is Matira Beach on Bora Bora. This pearl of the South Pacific has everything a tropical beach lover could ever whish for, and offers an unforgettable setting for lazy sun-drenched days and romantic nights.

"The lagoon here is extremely shallow, and the overwater bungalows that extend out into the water look spectacular against the turquoise water. However, the lagoon is too shallow for swimming from the beach although there's reasonable snorkelling further out." (Pacific-travel-guides.com)

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Flickr photo credit: plage Matira originally uploaded by lander2006


  1. Thanks for sharing this awesome video! That place is really stunning! Is it affordable to get there?

  2. The resort featured in the video is certainly not the most inexpensive, but it is possible to get out to the island on a reasonable fare. Cheers!

  3. Nice video. Bora Bora Island have many exotic beaches. Matira Beach is a best beach of this island. In the starting of this beach there are resort of Hotel Bora Bora. In a dry season tourist are mostly come means month from May to October. Matira Beach is a best snorkeling spots in the bora bora island. You can enjoy in Matira Beach like snorkeling, sailing, kayaking and diving. For more details refer Matira beach bora bora