The Worlds Best Bungee Jumping - Bloukrans Bridge

Boasting the highest single span arch bridge in the world, Bloukrans in South Africa is the perfect location for Bungee Jumping. At a height of 216m above the Bloukrans River, it is the highest permanent, commercial bungee jump in the world, and people flock here to experience the unique thrill and test their courage.

This is the ultimate thrill according to Faceadrenalin.com, the company that operates the bungee jumping from Bloukrans. The specially designed bungee platform is suspended beneath the road surface of the bridge. Bloukrans utilizes bungee jumping technology that ensures the smoothest, most comfortable bungee jump possible.

Been there, done that?
Does Bloukrans Bridge have the worlds best bungee jumping?
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Flickr photo credit: Bloukrans Bungee originally uploaded by Michiel Van Balen

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