The Worlds Best Fishing - Costa Rica

For big game fishing, Costa Rica is definitely one of the worlds most attractive destinations. Sailfish and swordfish are plentiful, particularly on the Pacific Coast, and as returning sports fishing enthusiasts will testify, there is nothing quite like the thrill of struggling to rail in a jumping and dancing billfish.

"By luck of Mother Nature, Costa Rica is bordered by two oceans and covered with miles of rivers that crisscross the landscape, fresh water lakes of all sizes, and estuaries and canals creating nothing less than a sport fishing paradise. Annually, anglers arrive from the world over to try their own luck at landing a world record catch." (Tourism.co.cr)

Been there, done that?
Is Costa Rica the worlds best fishing destination?
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Flickr photo credit: It is all of 6 feet originally uploaded by mschuelk

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