The Worlds Best Surf - Mentawai Islands

Of the many great surf destinations in Indonesia, the Mentawai Islands provide perhaps the most consistent conditions and the most perfect waves. The destination is mainly for experienced and dedicated surfers, however, as the coral breaks can be quite intimidating and so can the price of the chartered boat that is necessary to get out there.

"The Mentawai Islands, off the coast of West Sumatra, are one of the best boat-charter surfing destinations in the world. With an abundance of surf spots and calm conditions, the islands offer very consistent swell from the southern hemisphere during the peak April to October season." (Tourismindonesia.com)

Been there, done that?
Does Mentawai Islands have the worlds best surf?
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Flickr photo credit: Magneto Surf Lances Left Mentawai Islands originally uploaded by colmsurf

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  1. That is a big call, "World's best surf", but I think you are correct. We had a guest recently who said, "your onshore is better than our offshore", but then again he was dutch...
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