The Worlds Best Theme Parks - Parc Astérix

Parc Astérix is a theme park located just north of Paris, and it is based on the French cartoon bearing the same name. The park has plenty of fun entertainment and exhilarating rides including some of Europes best and biggest roller coasters.

"Discover the humour of your favorite heroes within the exciting atmosphere of a cartoon strip. Help thwart the conspiracies of Ancient Rome with "Les Stars de l'Empire", descend the rapids on "Menhir Express", go back in time and stroll along the centuries-old "Rue de Paris", and take part in the robbery of the century, that of the Mona Lisa. For the more foolhardy, challenge the gods of speed ans vertigo in a frantic race of over 80km/hr on "Tonnerre de Zeus" a huge wooden roller-coaster." (Paris-tourisme.com)

Been there, done that?
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Flickr photo credit: Le Gout du Rix originally uploaded by kinderpat

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