The Worlds Best Scuba Diving - Big Island

The island of Hawai'i, also called the Big Island, is home to some of the most fantastic scuba diving on the planet. More than 600 species of reef fish and frequent encounters with larger aquatic animals add to the excitement of diving in an underwater volcanic landscape that in itself is magical enough. Particularly popular is night diving with huge manta rays at Manta Ray Village.

"What makes Big Island diving even more exciting is how quickly the ocean goes from shallow to very deep. Because the island is composed of volcanoes rising from the seafloor, its near-shore aprons of submerged lava rock and coral reefs quickly drop off into the abyss." (Bigisland.org)

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Is the Big Island the worlds best scuba diving travel destination?
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Flickr photo credit: Raccoon butterflyfish originally uploaded by pixtory


  1. The Big Island has some of the best diving in the world. The clear warm water is full of sea life with a large number of species found only here in Hawaii. From Mantas to whales, turtles and sharks..we have it all. rjs

  2. If you are unto scuba diving, then Maldives is worth to visit. Thousands of scuba divers come to the Maldives each year to see the amazing underwater experience, and many of them return year after year to continue exploring the many Maldives dive sites.