The Worlds Best Surf - Florianopolis

Florianopolis and the adjacent Santa Catarina Island has some of Brazil's best and most beautiful surfing beaches. Floripa as it is affectionately called is, in fact, the only destination in South America to stage an ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) surfing competition in the World Championship Tour.

"An average surf junkie craves huge waves and year round swells, and Florianopolis surfing can deliver. Pitting your wits against nature gives that buzz, that adrenaline rush that so few people actually experience during their lifetimes. Florianopolis surfing territory is effectively considered a surfer’s paradise, and with good reason!" (Florianopolis.info)

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Is Florianopolis the worlds best surf travel destination?
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Flickr photo credit: spikekeller --santa catarina originally uploaded by 唵嘛呢叭咪吽

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  1. Wow, cool to have a surfer reading my blog. It looks like you are leading a fun life, my friend :-) I love your beautiful outdoorsy water photos. Cheers.