The Worlds Best Beaches - Boracay

An hours flight from the Philippine capital Manila takes you to the tropical island paradise of Boracay with its long white sands and warm, turquoise water. Facilities for water sports and energetic nightlife abounds on Boracay, but it is also possible to find more tranquil spots of sand, ideal to watch awe inspiring sunsets and brilliant sunrises.

"The most famous part of Boracay is its 4 kilometer stretch of the finest, most pristine white sand beaches, White Beach, where the color of the sea blends with that of the sky during the day and the white sands glimmer at night. So awesome is the Island that the best descriptions cannot give justice to Boracay's natural beauty." (Boracay.com)

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Flickr photo credit: Perfect Day originally uploaded by The Wandering Angel

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