The Worlds Best Cycling - Loire Valley

The Loire Valley in France offers visitors a unique bicycle adventure through magnificent scenery and amazing historical sites. More than one thousand castles are situated along the Loire River which is the longest river in France. The Loire Valley is commonly referred to as "the Garden of France", and the best way to experience its breathtaking beauty is by bicycle.

"With its countless chateaux and monuments, its lively picturesque towns and villages, its diverse rural landscapes, its vineyards, its forests, its peaceful ponds and rivers, the Loire Valley is an ideal destination for sightseeing by bike." (Francetourism.com)

Been there, done that?
Is the Loire Valley the worlds best cycling travel destination?
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Flickr photo credit: 61 Château de Beauregard originally uploaded by Gill Rickson


  1. Anonymous29.7.09

    I'd say it ranks pretty highly, if not THE best! Beautiful scenery, great roads, RESPECT for the cyclist all make this a fantastic area to get out on the bikes. Whether you're a serious kilometre-eating TdF contender, or a weekend enthusiast, here in the Loire we have it covered! I love cycling in the Loire, but then again I'm biased - I live here! ;)

  2. ... and judging by your own blog, there's a lot of other interesting activities in the area as well! :-) Thanks for commenting!

  3. Anonymous30.7.09

    ...and thanks for looking in on my 'blog too!