The Worlds Best Parties - Buenos Aires

The Argentinian capital is one of the largest cities in Latin America, and you can always count on its inhabitants to throw a great party. Although tango may still be an important, traditional ingredient in local festivities, the city is becoming increasingly famous for its excellent selection of clubs pumping out hip-hop, dancehall, techno, baile funk, and reggaeton tunes till early morning hours.

"Buenos Aires is World Famous for its nightlife, glamourous restaurants, trendy nightclubs and fashionable bars. The Capital is seething with restaurants and drinking dens of all shapes & sizes. From the intimacy of the small DJ Bars to the pulsating floors of the major nightclubs, Buenos Aires has something to offer everyone." (BuenosAiresNightGuide.com)

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Flickr photo credit: Kevin Johansen and Nada in concert originally uploaded by blmurch

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  1. Hey, last year I went to Argentina and let me tell you that night there never ends! I was looking places to rent apartments buenos aires and found one in the neighborhood of Palermo which has a lot of night clubs! I loved KIKA, it is such a great pleace. Beautiful people go there.
    I had the best time ever...