The Worlds Best Surf - Tavarua

Tavarua Island in Fiji is managed by a private surf camp, and its superb reef breaks are accessible by invitation only. However, those who make it to Tavarua can enjoy a crowd-free, beautiful surfing environment with waves breaking for two hundred meters and more. Because of the shallow coral shelf, the heaviest breaks at Tavarua are for seasoned surfers only.

"The legendary surf on Tavarua Island consists of three unique reef breaks: Cloudbreak, Restaurants and Tavarua Rights. Cloudbreak is the most consistent and a short ponga ride out from the island. Restaurants is located directly off the front of our restaurant, and can easily be viewed while relaxing on the deck. Tavarua Rights is located on the backside of the island, playful and fun, but challenging when bigger." (Tavarua.com)

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Flickr photo credit: Tavarua Island, Fiji originally uploaded by EpicSurfgt