The Worlds Best Casinos - Paradise Island

Paradise Island is a small island just off Nassau, the Bahamas capital city. It is dominated by the enormous Atlantis Resort and Casino. "With 880 slot machines ringing all night, the “cha-ching” almost outdoes the “bling-bling” at the 50,000 square foot, lavish Atlantis Casino. At the largest casino in the Caribbean, you’re just as likely to bet against the house as you are a film star. If you’re a card shark, belly up to one of 46 blackjack or four Caribbean stud poker tables, or see if Lady Luck is on your side and throw the dice at one of seven craps tables." (NassauParadiseIsland.com)

Gaming is but one of the large range of holiday activities available on this mega-resort fantasy island. According to some sources, the Atlantis complex alone is responsible for an amazing 11% of the Bahamas' gross national product. Atlantis also offers outdoor gambling where you can enjoy the beautiful tropical scenery while playing your favorite table games. Somewhat smaller in scale but no less spectacular is the Crystal Palace Casino on nearby Cable Beach.

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(Not much about the casino in this video, but a nice promo for the resort.)

Flickr photo credit: Atlantis marina originally uploaded by jonworth


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    that's great

  2. I have never been there but looks nice. Last year I have a vacation in Encore (Las Vegas).
    The best casino destination? Oh. I think I could go here and then I will give an answer.

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