The Worlds Best White Water Rafting - Gauley River

The 45-kilometer (28-mile) run of class III to V rapids of the Gauley River is one of the most popular white water rafting experiences in the United States. A series of controlled water releases from the upstream Summersville Dam are scheduled for six successive summer weekends in what is known as Gauley Season. The releases are undertaken for the express purpose of white water recreation, and the river and the rafters go wild.

"Dropping more than 668 feet through 28 miles of rugged terrain, the Gauley River's complex stretch of whitewater features more than 100 rapids with a steep gradient, technical runs, an incredible volume of water and huge waves. Its vigorous rapids, scenic quality and inaccessibility combine to make Gauley River one of the premier whitewater runs in the world." (US National Park Service)

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Flickr photo credit: 2006-09-17 Upper Gauley River, WV - White Water Rafting 08 originally uploaded by QuiteLucid

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  1. Interesting! In Sri Lanka we have good white water rafting in Kithulgala area.