The Worlds Best Hiking - Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail is a 2,174 mile (3500 km) marked hiking and camping trail in the eastern United States. It is perhaps the most famous hiking trail in the world, running along the ridgeline of the Appalachian Mountains from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. Walking the entire trail takes several months, but there are ample opportunities to enjoy weekend or day-trips to parts of the trail. Designated in 1968, it is the first completed national scenic trail in the United States.

"Over 10,000 people have documented proof of hiking the entire length of the AT. The AT is officially the United States’ longest marked footpath of any kind. It is estimated to take over 5 million steps to cover the 2,178 miles, and will take even the very best hikers at least a few months, usually much longer. If you manage this feat, you’ll have crossed through 6 national parks, 8 national forests, and 14 different states." (AppalachianTrail.com)

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Flickr photo credit: McAfee's Knob originally uploaded by jacob.d.sutton


  1. wow, that's pretty amazing.. something that takes several months to hike take a lot of planning! I would love to do it one day for sure:) great blog you've got here and thank u for linking us!

  2. Heard about this trail many a times and I would like to attempt it oneday. One of my blog friend, Bern is attempting it right now. He mentioned that The Appalachian Trail is known as the long green tunnel because most of it goes thro' the canopy of the forest.