The Worlds Best Parties - Sydney

Sydney, Australia has a very active nightlife scene and is an enjoyable, tourist friendly place to have a party - particularly during some of the city's annual celebrations such as New Years Eve, Australia Day or Mardi Gras. From the more formal bars and clubs in the Central Business District to the red light district around Kings Cross, the city has plenty to offer visitors of all tastes and preferences. Sydney's Oxford Street is famous world-wide for its thriving gay scene, whereas Darling Harbour boasts some of the city's largest mainstream nightclubs.

"Get into the groove with a late-night drink in a cool wine bar, have supper in style by the sparkling harbour or dance the night away in an inner city club. Make the most of your days – and nights – in Sydney by enjoying balmy evenings and a lively entertainment calendar of drama, opera and not-to-miss shows. Sydney has some of the hottest dance floors in the country, stylish bars with smart mixologists and cosy venues for a quiet time." (Sydney.com)

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