Best Beaches in the World - Copacabana

Copacabana is located in the lively south zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The beach is about 4 km long, and is perfect for everything from sun bathing and swimming to volleyball, soccer, surfing and even scuba diving. Alternatively you can relax and enjoy an icy caipirinha from one of the many beach bars, while engaging in a bit of people watching. The Copacabana area is also famous for its exciting nightlife. For those who prefer vibrant beaches with plenty of activities, Copacabana is the place to go.
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Photo Credit: nfalsey


  1. I knew Brazil is a heavenly piece on Earth, but never knew that Copacabana tops the best beaches in the world! Thats something really impressive and must be seen!

  2. I have visited Brazil some years ago and my stay there was certainly memorable. Copacabana is a a must see place - the beach, the ocean and a glass of cocktail - that is the real heaven!

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